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Diabetes You can be the doctor..mp3
What you need to know about hypertension
Preventing those biting, stinging pests
Ways to cut costs for medications for yo
How can you cut your costs for health ca
Medical Tests that are unnecessary and i
Supplements and vitamins that might do y
Direct Primary Care and how it can save
The best way to save money on prescripti
Cutting out the middleman in healthcare.
A discussion about a healthy heart..mp3
How you can take care of your skin and k
Why vaccines are just as important for a
The new guidelines for high blood pressu
What is direct primary care and why do y
How to keep you and your family healthy
Why it's important to know your numbers
Finding peace in chaotic times..mp3
Making new year's resolutions for health
Memory loss and when do you need to worr
Why staying hydrated is one of the most
How the real flu can be deadly and what
What you need to know about Prostate hea
How to understand and prevent Shingles..
How to understand and prevent osteoarthr
What you need to know about your Thyroid
E-Mail bag edition of Access Health Radi
Gastroenteritis- The Stomach Flu..mp3
E-Mail bag edition of Access Health Radi
E-Mail bag edition of Access Health Radi
Advanced Diagnostic Blood Tests.mp3
Physical Activity and your health..mp3
How insurance and Medicare covers medica
Counterfeit Medication.mp3
Spring, Common injuries and the problems
Medical Education.mp3
Justus-Warren Heart Disease and Stroke P
Eye Health.mp3
Vein Health.mp3
Question and Answer show may 28.mp3
An alternative to traditional health ins
Dangerous Drugs There might be better op
What you need to know about Vitamin D..m
Opioids and the Opioid crisis..mp3
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.mp3
Medical Prepping- What you need when the
Private vs Public Medicine Why you need
Direct Primary Care- Why its what you an
Getting the best healthcare you can it
Question and Answer show..mp3
Direct Primary Care- Why its what you an
Medical Prepping- What you need when the
Lasers, a bright spot in healthcare. How
The kids are back in school so how do yo
Flu season..mp3
Your Skin- How to take care of it and keep it healthy.
Lasers, a bright spot in healthcare. How
Natural and Alternative Remedies.mp3
Q&A Oct
CoolSculpting, Not so cool.mp3
Alternative Medicine Therapies What Work
Saving a fortune on medications How to g
Drugs you might want your doctor to depr
The importance of hearing with special g
Hearing care with special guest Victoria
Staying Healthy over the holidays.mp3
Making and keeping New Year's resolution
Drugs you might want your doctor to depr
The best diets for a new year and a bett
Long term care. What it means for you, a
Different types of Hearing Losses with s
Side effect or drug allergy.mp3
Is Dr Google a liar.mp3
Patients bill of rights..mp3
New medical recommendations..mp3
Health care policy in North
CBD oil. Fade, fiction, or miracle.mp3
Staying healthy in warm weather. The imp
Protecting your skin this summer and kee
Ways to prevent type 2 diabetes.mp3
A good nights sleep..mp3
Memory loss.mp3
Genetic cancer testing..mp3
Keeping healthy in the Fall.
Hearing loss..mp3
Thyroid health..mp3
Q&A Oct 2019 - Copy.mp3
Dangerous or outdated medications..mp3
Radio waves for healthy looking
How you can cut the cost for health care
Flu season. (2).mp3

Host of the show:  

Brian Forrest, MD

Dr. Forrest is the Medical Director and Founder of Access Healthcare. Originally from Wake County, he attended UNC Chapel Hill for medical school and specialized in family and community medicine in the residency program at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem where he also completed his internship. He currently serves as Board Chair of the NC Academy of Family Physicians representing over 3200 physicians in NC. His special interests include management of Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cholesterol. Dr. Forrest completed a Holderness Medical Research Fellowship in Diabetes and an Albert Schweitzer Fellowship in Public Health while At UNC Chapel Hill. He is dedicated to treating patients as whole persons and is sensitive to the importance of mental and spiritual aspects of patients’ overall well being. He has been named the “Best Doctor in the Triangle” by the Independent Weekly newspaper.  He is an American Society of Hypertension Certified-Clinical Hypertension Specialist. “What I try to do with patients is to prevent strokes and heart attacks, which are two of the most important things to accomplish in preventive cardiovascular medicine.” Dr. Forrest is also an Associate Professor of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill.

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